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About the artist

Justin Kidston is a self-taught, Missouri-based artist, known for his ethereal and otherworldly artworks that focus on the push and pull relationship of the artificial and natural worlds. His works are balanced between colorful paintings of foreign monoliths and intricate graphite drawings that dive into the anxieties of living in a fast-paced, industrialized world. His aesthetic choices are focused heavily around creating deep space within the image. These vast, wild expanses are sometimes accompanied by colossal figures, a metaphor the artist uses to represent the force of humans and our ability to transform our environment. Other times the artist divides these spaces with large scale objects that appear perfectly artificial or beautifully organic. These objects serve as an almost opposite scenario. A world free of the grip of humankind but still left with traces of its enormous impact. Provoking ideas of how one might feel stumbling upon our great ruins far into the future. 

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Questions about me or my work? Lets connect!

(417) 434-8230

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